Maher, born in Damascus, lives and works in the Skåne region - Sweden. He used the term "Impressionism Realism " as a trademark for his art. Maher defines this style as a revival of the significance of contemporary art, a valued tradition in a new era, with a new interpretation reflecting today ́s spirit of the time. His distinctive style, emerging from the dynamic of the moment, enables him to strikingly capture immediate reality while the observer is able to palpably feel the imbedded movement. His ability to create one of his paintings in a short space of time and with great dynamic.
The basis of his artistic creations is rooted in a decade-long altercation with the art of realism. He researched the technique of the old masters and appropriated them into his own intensive self-study. It was his first contact with watercolour that made him realise that working quickly - which he was almost forced to do when working outside as the colours dry so quickly - could give his stroke more momentum and therefore enormous dynamic. With the discovery of acrylic he was able to allow his solid basic knowledge of, not only the meticulousness and heavy art of oil painting but also the light and rapid technique of watercolour painting, to flow together to discover and develop his own style of Impressionism Realism. ​​​​​​​

Maher Abdel Aziz, Swede-Palestinian Artist, photographer and filmmaker.
Born in Damascus - Syria.
PhD in Fine Arts, USA 2005.
Bachelor's degree in Filmmaking and Film Directing, SAE institute, Dubai - 2007.
Graduated from Faculty of Fine Art - Syria.
Participated in many individual and collective art exhibitions around the world.
Worked as an artist, photographer, art educator and independent filmmaker since 1997.
Lives and works in Sweden since 2013.
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